0.03 Supreme Silk Lashes Single Length Trays (16 lines)

Our Supreme Silks are our Original 0.03 Silks; not Silky Mink.
We apologize for the delay of restocking these items.
Head Office is making slight modifications to improve this product.
We want to be able to offer you the very best quality of lashes!
Due to an unforeseen circumstance, these lashes are delayed & will be restocked at the end of August 2019.
In the meantime, we invite you to try our lashes from our new FAVORITE line!
Our high quality mink lashes are handmade and carefully selected.
This 0.03 mm lash thickness is similar to very fine 0.05 mm but its structure helps to build beautiful spreading fans quicker. Perfectly sized and non sticky synthetic fiber is newly processed by embossing laser finish, which improves lash attachment and makes ''Fanning'' easier. Micro laser cuts on the lash surface makes this lashes even lighter for Mega Volume styling.
This lash has semi mat finish 

Our tray comes with 16 lash strips, 25% more than a standard tray.