0.03 Cashmere MIXED TRAYS

We would like to inform you that the delay in restocking our 0.03 Cashmere Lashes will continue until Decemeber 2019. This delay is a result of having to make some crucial improvements because the strip on our 0.03 Cashmere lashes were inconsistent.  That tape is also not suitable anymore for lashes manufactured with the New and Improved Curl technology. LashboxLA is all about quality, & as much as the lack of inventory is frustrating, it would be even more frustration if our lashes are released with an unstable curl and no control of the stickiness of the tape. With the above problem occurring, we have had to develop a new tape & new fiber with a stable curl suitable for Flower Bouquet Technique, and still have our 0.03 Cashmere lash features. Please understand that testing the new lashes takes up to 4 weeks & every time the lash is not performing as it should, we have to start that process again from scratch. 
We welcome you to try out some of our other 0.03 lashes such as our new Royal Sable Favorite collection while we make these improvements.
We hope this helps explain the delay & we appreciate your patience, while our team is dedicating their time & expertise to improve our 0.03 Cashmere line. 
Our 0.03 mm Cashmere Lashes are perfectly soft and very light. Extremely black finish allows to create deep black Mega Volume set faster. 
This lash thickness allows to build  "15 d fans'' 
Perfectly sized on a non-sticky strip  makes it easy to build
beautiful spreading fans quickly.  
This lash is very thin and will be best for advanced technicians.
 Please note that curls with Cashmere lashes are softer and more natural looking. 
Our tray comes with 16 lash strips, 25% more than a standard tray. 
Lengths 8-14mm