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Classic Straight Tweezer - Gold

Created with a precise tip, these straight isolation tweezers have a thin tip for perfect isolation. Golden plated for a smooth, comfortable hold. Perfect for removing lash strips from the case, and all the other tasks you shouldn’t use your volume tweezers for.

Volume Gold J+ Tweezer

Tweezers recommended for Mega Volume and Volume techniques that use shimmying to create the fan. Because each tweezer is hand finished, each will be slightly unique and therefore have a slightly different “Sweet Spot”. Recommended pickup for these tweezers is usually 4mm - 6mm in from the tip. This tip is created to be more durable than a standard J tweezer. Excellent for picking up very fine 0.03 and 0.05mm lashes.

Set Includes:

  • 1 - Volume Gold J+ Tweezer 
  • 1 - Classic Straight Tweezer - Gold
  • 1 - Teal Tweezer Case