August 09, 2022

Can You Wear Professional Eyelash Extensions with Makeup?

Yes, you can wear makeup with eyelash extensions, but you should consider what makeup you are using and how you are removing it, so you can keep your lash extensions looking beautiful long-term. Using makeup products specifically made for use with lash extensions is the best way to incorporate makeup into your beauty routine when you have professional eyelash extensions. Wearing regular makeup with eyelash extensions is possible, but the products you use and the way you apply and remove it can impact the longevity and look of your eyelash extensions.

The best Eyelash Extensions & Makeup

Wearing Makeup & Lash Extensions 

Makeup can be worn with eyelash extensions but for the best results, use makeup that is intended to be used with extensions, especially eye makeup. Some makeup products can lead to fall-out, build-up, or other issues when used with lash extensions. It is recommended that you avoid products with oil and powder-based eye makeup that can cause fallout. You’ll also want to consider how you will remove eye makeup as this can also impact your eyelash extensions and their life cycle.

LBLA Cosmetic & Co: LashboxLA Canada’s Eyelash Extension Safe Makeup & Remover Line

The Best Makeup for Eyelash Extensions

LashboxLA Canada has a line of makeup, makeup remover, application products, and tools that are safe for use with extensions and won’t impact the life cycle of your lashes. This line includes liquid eyeshadows, liquid eyeliner, bottom line mascara, false lashes, application tools, and makeup remover. LBLA Cosmetic & Co was created by industry experts in our European laboratory and made specifically for lash and makeup artists to use with lash extensions for the best possible results.


LBLA Cosmetic & Co Eyelash Extension Friendly Eyelixir Shadows: 

All LBLA Eyelixir liquid eyeshadow products are oil-free, liquid eyeshadows that blend easily and set within 60 seconds. They are waterproof, long-lasting, crease-free, and can be used on sensitive, allergy-prone people. They are also non-tacky and water-based with a beautiful pigment in matte, shimmer, or metallic finishes. Moisturizing ingredients hydrate the skin and provide anti-aging benefits.

Makeup & Eyeshadow


LBLA Cosmetic & Co Eyelash Extension Friendly Bottom Lash Line Mascara:

LBLA Bottom Line Mascara is formulated to compliment your eyelash extensions by enhancing your lower lashes. This mascara is specially formulated without oil and is smudge proof so it won’t build up or transfer to upper lashes.

Makeup & Mascara


LBLA Cosmetic & Co Eyelash Extension Friendly Everlasting Eyeliner:

The LBLA Everlasting Eyeliner is lash extension safe, smudge-proof, water-resistant, and long-lasting for 12 hours of wear. The thin, fine, felt tip glides on for easy application and won’t build up on lashes. It is not oil or wax based, so it won’t break down your lash adhesive. 

The perfect eyeliner to achieve the trending doe eyes makeup look.

Makeup & Eyeliner - Doe Eyes


LBLA Cosmetic & Co Eyelash Extension Friendly Makeup Remover:

Eyelash Extensions & Make Up






Removing your makeup with eyelash extension-safe cleansers and makeup removers is important if you want to ensure your lashes look great for a long time. LashboxLA Canada carries a variety of lash extension-safe makeup remover options including cleansers, makeup remover mitts, wipes, and lash shampoos. These makeup removers and cleansing products will keep your lashes clean, healthy, and beautiful while ensuring they last as long as possible.


LBLA Cosmetic & Co Falsies & Faux Strip Lashes:

Not ready to commit to long-term eyelash extensions? We also carry faux, synthetic mink strip lashes that are 100% cruelty-free and vegan. The extremely soft fibres from base to tip will make you wonder if they really are real fur, but they're not! These 5-D multidimensional, ultra-fluffy, multi-layered, lashes come in many different styles and can be worn up to 15 times with proper care.

Make Up & Strip Lashes


If you want to apply your own semi-permanent false eyelashes, try our Lace It Up seamless lash system starter kit! The Lace It Up lashes and tools work together to give you the fluffiest, fullest look you can get with an under-lash application for DIY false eyelash extensions at home. It includes two different lash curls in either short, medium, or long so that you can find your favourite effect. These different lash lengths can be used alone or mixed for extra texture. Their soft cotton-covered band gives a ‘barely-there’ feel and provides a multi-layer texture for a professional lash extension look! Our superior Duo false eyelash glue applies like mascara so you can easily attach these lashes where they will be most comfortable and least noticeable - under your lash line. The no-nonsense applicator is curved to match the shape of your eyelid and is comfortable to use with an easy-squeeze grip that bonds your lashes together in seconds. Get gorgeous lashes that last for days with the Lace It Up Kit!

Makeup & DIY Eyelashes


Shop LBLA Cosmetic & Co and LashboxLA Canada Aftercare Online

Visit our LBLA Cosmetic & Co page to shop and learn more about our lash extension-friendly makeup line. Shop Aftercare products on our website to find the perfect makeup remover and lash extension care routine.

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