Why Choose LashboxLA Professional Lash Supplies?

The LashboxLA Difference

LashboxLA Canada products are made with the highest-quality, safe, and durable materials and are always cruelty-free. The LBLA team develops and tests all products to ensure they can be used with ease to provide the best possible results for the everyday lash artist. Our team of educators spend hundreds of hours testing, modifying, and improving every single aspect of each product that we stock at LBLA. Every single one of our products was created to improve efficiency and create lasting results for all lash artists.

Professional Lash Supplies for Professional Results

Our mission at LBLA is to innovate products that shorten application time, extend longevity, and display unparalleled volume. We strive to be a resource for lash professionals who seek the highest quality lashes that can be applied in the least amount of time and at a great value. Our professional products and supplies ensure you can provide the best possible professional results.

Made By Lash Experts For Lash Experts

We were NOT founded by a marketing or cosmetic company. Our products are developed and designed by our expert, in-house lash artists who all have over 15 years of experience with fully booked calendars. Our products are used every day by our in-house lash artists, who are consistently finding ways to improve our products for even better, more efficient results.


We invite you to try some of the best products available to you & your lashes!

To purchase, simply contact your Lash Technician with the products you would like to purchase. They will take care of your order for you & will notify you once your products have arrived.