Why Choose our Adhesives?

Our most popular selling adhesives are ideal for low-humidity environments and drier climates. These adhesives bring your lash retention to new heights, bonding lashes for up to 8 weeks! They're used by lash artists across the globe to give clients gorgeous results, better retention, and a faster cure time.

The Highest-Quality Products

At LashboxLA Canada, we only use the highest-quality materials to develop our products. Every product is created with your client in mind, so you can provide the very best results. Our products are developed by industry experts that understand the lashing process. LashboxLA Canada products work as a system to create gorgeous, long-lasting, natural-looking eyelash extensions that won’t cause irritation or build-up.

The LashboxLA Canada Difference

LashboxLA Canada products are made with the highest-quality, safe, and durable materials and are always cruelty-free. The LBLA team develops and tests all products to ensure they can be used with ease to provide the best possible results for the everyday lash artist. Every single one of our products was created to improve efficiency and create lasting results for all lash artists.


We invite you to try some of the best products available to you & your lashes!

To purchase, simply contact your Lash Technician with the products you would like to purchase. They will take care of your order for you & will notify you once your products have arrived.