LBLA Opening Act Adhesive bonds lash extensions for up to 8 weeks. It’s medium-thin consistency and drying time, makes Beginner Volume Lashing so much easier. It’s perfect for classic lashing and for those that need a little extra time to create classic or volume sets. It is a great adhesive to work on wrapping when first learning how to volume lash.

Opening Act has the best function and retention in higher humidity environments while reducing time spent on touch-ups. This adhesive works best in humidity between 55%-65% and temperature 65-75 degrees.

For dry climates or during winter, a professional humidifier may be required.

  • Retention - 8 weeks
  • Viscosity - Medium
  • Color - Deep Black
  • Fumes- Minimal
  • Structure- Flexible
  • Drying Time(s)
    • 25-40% Humidity: 3-4 Sec
    • 40-60% Humidity: 2-3 Sec
    • 60-70% Humidity: 2 Sec
  • Temperature 65-75

Available in 5ml bottle. Use with in 30 days after opening.

CAUTION: Glue is recommended only for advanced artists who isolate lashes perfectly and work very fast. For professional use only. Esthetician license required to use this adhesive.