May 12, 2021


As a busy lash artist, have you ever thought, “Oh, I’m sure my client already knows…?” I think we have all had this assumption at some point. However, why would your clients know? Your clients didn’t attend the eyelash extension training you invested in or do the research that taught you all about lash extensions and that is totally okay! It’s your job as their lash artist to teach them.

Educating your clients is crucial, especially when it concerns lash health, hygiene, aftercare & one important topic that can be overlooked - FILLS! 

Common thoughts our clients may have regarding fills: 

“Lash growth? What’s that?” 

“Wait a minute, my lashes shed?”

“My lashes still look fabulous, I don’t need to come in for my fill.” 

We have been educated as a Lash Artist that the lash extension that you place 0.5-1mm on the natural lash from the lash line will grow out. Once that lash extension has grown out, it needs to be removed and a new one will be placed back on. This is the reason why we schedule our clients every 2-3 weeks for a fill. However, clients often don’t understand this is the actual reason why your clients must book an appointment for a fill, unless you educate them. 

Some clients will wonder if this 2-3 week fill “rule” is just an excuse to have clients come in more regularly, especially if their lashes still look fabulous and full. This is definitely not the case. Why? As the natural lash grows, the extension grows out with it. This can weigh down the natural lash and put stress on the base of the natural lash, which may result in premature shedding or stunting the growth of that natural lash.

So what is the best way to educate your clients? Find the best way that they can relate to and understand. Here are a few examples I use:

On a Saturday, not too long ago, my family & I were out at my parents' acreage. My youngest son was outside climbing a tree. When he stayed close to the trunk of the tree, he was safely supported. But then I saw him, out of the corner of my eye, climbing further and further out on the branch (away from the trunk), the branch began to weigh down. The further out he went, the further the branch bent downwards. He eventually climbed too far out on this branch, and this caused the branch to snap. The same thing can occur to our natural lashes if the extensions grow out too much & is not supported near the base of the natural lash. 

 Another example I like to use, is the purse analogy. Most of us carry a purse that is fairly heavy because it is filled with everything we may need at some point.

If that purse is placed on your shoulder, your shoulder can comfortably support your purse, without a problem. But what if you shift your purse down your arm & hold your purse closer to your elbow? Or even extend your arm with that purse on your elbow? The strain that your purse would cause would be very uncomfortable if carried like this for a long period of time.

When clients say, “my lashes still look amazing at 4-5 weeks” , of course we are thrilled because we recognize how fantastic our client’s retention is. However, we still need them to come in for an appointment sooner, so we can replace those outgrown lash extensions. If the lash extension is more than 3mm away from the lash line, it will cause too much strain on the base of the natural lash. Just like weight extending too far out past the trunk of a tree branch causes too much strain or a purse being supported lower than the shoulder puts too much strain on the arm. 

We need to protect the integrity of those natural lashes, and we need to educate our clients so they can keep their natural lashes strong & healthy.

Share this information with your clients because the accurate representation of WHY, will help them understand the importance of booking a fill with you every 2-3 weeks. 

Knowledge is power. 

With love XOXO, Kayley 



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