PLEASE READ: Subscriptions are only recommended for customers that have already used this item.

If you have not used this item, we strongly suggest that you try a one-time purchase, prior to subscribing.

Minimum subscription period is 2 months, meaning subscriptions need to be processed twice before cancelling. A 30-day cancellation notice is required.

Opened items may not be returned.

Please e-mail INFO@LASHBOXLACANADA.COM to make any changes to your subscription. We are happy to help!

How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe to an item by going to the item's product page on We currently are offering subscriptions for 4 of our adhesives and will be launching subscriptions for more items in the near future!

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you may cancel by emailing and requesting for your subscription to be canceled. Minimum subscription period is 2 months. A 30-day cancellation notice is required. Opened items may not be returned.

Can I modify my subscription?

Yes, if you would like to change day of the month that your item ships, please contact us at and we can change that for you.

How do I receive free shipping for my subscription?

Our subscriptions do not include free shipping but if you would like to add your subscription to your order, you are welcome to place an order for $300+ so that you qualify for free shipping and we can add the adhesive subscription to your order & refund the shipping cost on your subscription.

How will I be charged each month?

The credit/debit card that you use when you place your initial order for the subscription will be charged each month on the date of your order. For example, if your initial order is placed on April 5th, then on the 5th of each month, your card will be charged.