Duo Adhesive Kit - Omega & Superhero 5ml


Our LashBoxLA Adhesive Kit features our 2 of our best duo lash glue - Superhero and Omega lash glue.

A good lash technician always has at least 2 different eyelash extension glue at their lash station for when your room or weather condition is unpredictable.

Your eyelash extension glue may change its properties when your room conditions shift. Our LBLA Duo Adhesive Kit has provides you two options for dryer days as well as higher humidity so you get to have NO MORE BAD DAY GLUE with this duo lash glue!

This is also an amazing kit for first time buyers to try out and pick their favorite & best lash glue at a discounted rate.  Both lash glues in the kit are recommended for Volume and Mega Volume eyelash extension technicians who work at a very fast pace. We highly recommend isolating first when using any of our eyelash extension adhesives.Both glues in the kit are recommended for Advanced Volume and Mega Volume technicians who work at a very fast pace.

Use within 30 days after opening.


  • For professional use only.
  • Eyelash extension certificate is required to use either lash adhesive.
  • Superhero and O!Mega are recommended only for advanced lash artists who isolate lashes perfectly with tweezers and can lash very fast.
  • Opened lash glues can not be returned or refunded.
  • Shake eyelash extension glue vigorously for 1 minute before each use

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