Eyelixir All Around the Eye Makeup Blender (Set of 4)


Makeup blender & Makeup Applicator

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Eyelixir Beauty Makeup Blenders have been created just for you! They provide a beautifully blended application of makeup with minimal product waste. The unique precision shape, reaches to even the most difficult areas of the eye. The wet, smooth sponge applies liquid or cream eyeshadows, concealer and foundations perfectly to create an air-brushed finish. While the dry, fuzzy sponge can distribute powder products flawlessly. 

HOW TO  USE: Run your beauty makeup blender under warm water and squeeze out any excess moisture. Apply eyeshadows directly to the precision tip of the sponge and dab on eye until blended. Use the rounded side of the sponge to blend your favourite foundation or concealer on large areas of the face in a dabbing motion until perfectly blended. CARE: Wash after each use. Use a gentle soap or facial cleanser with warm water and massage into the makeup sponge. Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. Squeeze out any excess water and let air dry. 
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