Eyelixir Eyeshadow Color Set of 4 - Retail Set


Eyelixir Eyeshadow Tester Set includes all 16 of our Eyelixirs in our matte, metallic, and shimmer collection.

Our proprietary oil-free, liquid Eyelixir formulation guarantees an application free of the dreaded fallout lash wearers tend to experience with powdered shadows. Our shades are highly-pigmented and blend flawlessly into one another, while the intelligent, waterproof formula sets within 60 seconds for a long-lasting, crease-free finish. One of our main ingredients is polymers, which leave a delicate veil on the eyelid and prevent the light-reflecting particles from falling out during the day. Eyelixir's conditioning ingredients are perfect for the delicate skin of the eyelid, and wearers with sensitivities or allergies. Using only the highest-quality ingredients from our European laboratory. 

Eyeliner Liquid Eyeshadow Testers are here in single purchases for you to find which colors you love!  Each Tube is labeled Tester and is perfect for you to try out on your own or use for testers in your salon for your clients. More purchasing options are available, head over to LBLACosmetics.com to buy in additional quantities!

Our Eyelixir matte shadows are saturated with color, offering a full matte finish and incredible color payoff in just one coat.

The smooth, non-tacky texture of our metallic water based formulations, dries quickly to leave a crease-free layer of beautiful pigment. Thanks to the main moisturizing ingredient Aquaxyl, our metallics condition skin, limit water loss and optimize circulation through all skin layers. What’s more, it boosts hyaluronic acid production, which smooths fine lines and offers anti-aging benefits.

For our Eyelixir shimmers, we developed a sparkling, non-drying, water-based formula that helps glitter particles go the distance.

These spectacular shimmer shades create to-die-for evening makeup when applied all over, or brighten daily makeup when applied sparingly.

Our formula sets swiftly on the eyelid for an even, long-lasting layer, and although it contains its fair share of glitter, it's silky smooth and never rough to the touch.

No standard powder eyeshadow can hold a candle to the color payoff of our matte Eyelixir shadows. Our proprietary formula glides onto eyes in seconds and offers extreme longevity–up to 24 hours–and remains crease-free.

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