Pretty Little Y’s


Pretty Little Y’s Collection 

Experience the ease of a Classic application while achieving the fullness of Volume Lashes. Pretty Little Y’s has made gorgeous volume lashing easier in less time, without sacrificing your artistry. Long flat stem bases offer an increased surface area to achieve bonding precision to the natural lash and increased retention. Choose from three styles for custom looks. Mix and match effortlessly with Y styles, classic, handmade fans, or pre-made. Discover the future of lashing with Pretty Little Y’s!

Styles Available 


Build soft, fluffy volume into any set with YY. Two Y lashes are fused at the base, offering a tip of 4 soft and fluffy lashes in a Y shape. 

3Y Fairy 

Add 3D dimension or lighter accents to your sets with 3Y Fairy. With a center “3 lash” spike for depth and a single lash on each side, wet sets, hybrids, and natural volume sets have never looked so good or been so easy. 


A classic W with a”Y” makeover that delivers unmatched density and soft coverage giving a 5D effect. 

Semi Matte Korean PBT

Vegan & Cruelty-free

Professional Use Only 

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