It's finally HERE, Lace It Up PRO, the 15 minute lash service that looks like extensions and lasts up to 5 days.
From natural and wispy to sultry and dramatic, these lashes are customizable and stackable. Pro quality lash segments that go under and over the lash line.
Each box has 120 segments and can service up to 12 clients - that's gorgeous temporary lashes that only cost $3.00 per client. WOW Value
Available in: C,D and L Curl
Universal Length: 8-14MM  Long Length: 16MM-18MMThe clientele you'll attract with these lashes is diverse and includes:
  1. Clients Allergic to Traditional Lash Extensions
  2. Busy Individuals with Limited Time
  3. New Clients Wanting to Try Lashes
  4. Classic Lash Clients Curious About Volume