Satin Silver 50 Degree Tweezer

Our Master Collection features all the points of your favourite tweezers and none of the things that make so many difficult to work with.  The most precise grip is made possible by specially crafted metal that focuses on form and function to bring your lash dreams to life. Their satiny finish is neither slippery or grippy, but the perfect medium for lash magic to happen.

Their reliability and consistency helps these tweezers stay loyal from the day they are created to today, tomorrow, and throughout your lashing future. With an ideal grip and the ability to use the tweezer at tip, the middle, or both, you can work with any technique - from on the strip to the flower bouquet, and from pinching to pre-fans,  just like any good quality Fibre Tip Tweezer. This perfectly precise and masterfully crafted tweezer collection makes your daily lash life better in every way, and helps you achieve master-level status, faster.  

To know which tweezer will work best for you, consider what angle you like to hold your tweezer at, and the grip you prefer for working comfortably. 

Satin Silver 50 Degree Tweezer- With a longer, ultra-strong tip and boot-like grip, these tweezers are perfect for those that love the angle of our J+ Gold and Biology Tip tweezers and grip with two or more fingers opposite the thumb.  These are the best tweezers for Mega Volume and Russian Volume techniques. 
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